Was a beautiful day with pleasant temps and moderate lift. Five of us showed up and we got the equipment out and set up for a 31 operation. Winds were pretty much calm so we landed back on 13. Pat greenwood was up first and managed a 45 minute flight after a 3000’ release and qualified for a “B” badge. Next up was Bob Arant who had his one solo flight but had not flown in 3 weeks so Whit went along to observe. Bob managed a 36 minute flight on his own. Next up was Tom Schaap solo but unable to find the elusive lift. Lift was only moderate (max of 2 knots up) and was surprising with the big CUs overhead. Hanger flight was Pat Greenwood checking out in the back seat with Bob Dyer as the passenger. Bob and Whit shared the towing duties.

Not sure when will be the next opportunity to fly as the it is time for the Pawnee oil change and AD compliance, so it will be going to the shop for the cylinder inspection. Will keep you posted as I will try to get it to the shop this week.