Turned out to be a decent day with spotty lift. Nothing to write home about though. It looked better than it was, although Bob Craig made the best of it. He was still up when the gang left. First flight was Whit flying with Bob Craig for his safety flight. Jamie then flew with Pat greenwood then turned around and flew with Tom Schaap. We then launched Bob C. in his Russia followed by Whit flying with Bob Arant. After much discussion on the ground about whether to launch another flight and who would do it, we decided it would be instructive to do a glider can’t release/tow plane can’t release approach and landing. The exercise was well briefed by Jamie and Whit would fly the tow plane with Pat Greenwood and Jamie in the glider. We towed to 2000’, leveled off and went through the glider and tow plane visual signals of each not being able to release. We descended into the pattern and set up for the approach. First attempt was too high so we aborted and went around. Second try was on the money with glider and tow plane landing safely at mid field. Great training exercise! Equipment was put away by 5:00 with Bob Craig somewhere still in the sky. Plan is to try flying again on Saturday after the ground school.