I was late getting out to the field but found Whitt Bonifant instructing, Steve Stevens towing, Jerry Adams running the radios, and Stephen Davis and Pat Greenwood flying with Whitt.  We also had our newest member, Don Meyer, getting his second FAST Kit flight.  Don Meyer, Stephen Davis, and Pat Greenwood all took instructional flights with Whitt.  Pat and Whitt had the longest instructional flight at 34 minutes.  I was the fourth and last to launch in my Russia.  The thermal index had been good to about 6000ft and the CUs dotting the sky confirmed it.  Lift was strong at times with 1000ft per minute climbs under the bigger CUs to 5500ft MSL.  I was up for 2 hours and 10 minutes ranging from the Elkhorn River near the town of Elkhorn to the Iowa near Missouri Valley and Desoto Bend.  Fremont was on my flight itinerary but the GPS said I had east winds at 20 mph at flight level so I didn’t venture west of the Elkhorn.  When I landed all were gone except for Jerry Adams who helped me get my stuff to the hanger before he took off.  Thanks for all your help Jerry.

It turned out to be a great day for flying.

Bob Craig