Another great soaring day with a twist.  Since I came out after working a half day, all the equipment was already out and Jaime and Donna were up in the L-23 on an instruction flight.  CUs were popping but they didn’t extend very far to the north of the airport.  Steve Stevens was next up in the L-33.  He was able to get to 6000ft and flew for 33 minutes.  Jaime and Donna had an extended lesson staying up for one hour and 24 minutes (Jaime did ask glider ground if anyone was waiting for the L-23 and the answer was no).  Jerry Adams was next up in his Russia.  He flew for one hour and 49 minutes.  Jim Clark was next up in the L-33 and soaring for one hour and 7 minutes – earning his B Badge – Congratulations!  I was next up in the Russia.  The thermals were strong and was able to reach 8000ft.  Now here is the twist on the day.  While I was up, the CU area moved off to the south.  So eventually they were gone.  The thermals were still there but getting weaker.  I had tried to find Orum field from the air, but weakening lift and heavy sink forced me back to the field.  With no lift it looked like it was going to be time to land but a booming thermal over the airport took me from near pattern altitude back to 7000ft.  And after that the lift was easy to find and topping out at 7500ft.  So there was a period of time when the lift was cycling.  I headed back to the NW to find Orum field.  Got to within 3 miles of it before deciding to head back to the field.  I flew for two hours and 48 minutes.  While I was up Whit took the L-23 up for a forty two minute flight and that was the last flight of the day.  Many thanks to Bob Dyer  for towing all but one flight.   Another interesting event occurred.   A twin called Blair airport and needed someone on the ground to confirm his gear was down.  He made a low pass over the field and was told by one of the jet pilots at Blair he didn’t have any wheels showing.   So he left the field and returned later again requesting an observer on the ground to confirm he had fixed the problem (circuit breaker).  He was told his gear was down this time so he landed.  The rolled runway did feel smoother – thanks Whit.

Bob Craig