Giving rides to the antique aircraft assoc had been scheduled for months so a bad weather forecast was disappointing.  A call to the group representative said they were still coming despite the wet forecast.   The weather radar showed a break in precip so there was a chance.  I went out to the field at 9am.  It was not too soft and the clouds were clearing out so I didn’t cancel.  Everyone showed at 11am.  Unfortunately, low clouds reformed as the sun warmed the moist ground with ceiling of 700ft.  The group showed up at noon.  We thought we were done for the day as far as flying but the group brought tacos for all so we sat around and ate.  By the way only two flew in, a Cherokee and a Stearman bi plane, the rest drove due to the weather.  By the time we were done eating  the clouds showed some breaks and the ceiling raised to 1500ft.  So we offered the group short rides and they said okay.   We got the planes out and ended up giving 6 rides, later rides getting to 1700ft AGL.  I gave some of the rides and Bob Dyer gave rest.  Whitt towed and Mac kept the books.  Mac also did the hanger flight with a friend of his who was part of the group.  So the day turned out okay with the club making $180.  By the time we left the clouds cleared out to mostly sunny skies – go figure.

Bob Craig