Heading out to the field after an historic rainfall, I expected the field to be too wet.  But Blair was north of the heaviest rain so the field was useable though damp.  At the field were Steve Stevens pre-flighting the Pawnee.  Mike Boska, Anders Backlund, and Jerry Adams were hard at work on Mike and Anders Russia laying fiber glass for a tail wheel dolly.  Jay Buchanan, Whitt Bonifant, Mac McKain, Jaime Alexander, Bert Aagesen, and Bob Arant were also there so we extracted the L-23 from the hanger.  It was covered with bugs and dirt so we elected to give it a quick wash before flying.   We set up for 13 takeoffs and 31 landings since the wind was light out of the south.  Whitt started off in the tow plane and towed Steve Stevens up for the first flight.  With a cirrus overcast most of the day and damp ground, prospects for lift were slim to none and that is what we found.   Bob Arant went up with Jaime on the next flight working towards an eventual solo.  Jay Buchanan and Mac went up next.    Bert Aagesen then went up with me for his safety flight.  Anders launched next on a solo flight.  All flights were averaging around 18 minutes.  Bob Arant went up with Bert on another instructional flight.  Since I am working on my instructor renewal and need to complete my Bi-annual flight review, Whitt and I went up for two flights so I could complete it – thanks Whitt.  The last flight of the day was Bert Aagesen and Jay Buchanan.  During the day Steve Stevens towed several flights after Whitt relinquished the Pawnee,  followed by Jaime towing several flights.   So all and all, it was a good day despite the lack of  lift, not too hot and not too windy.


We didn’t have time to wash the Pawnee but it could really use one the next time we fly.


Bob Craig