I arrived at the airport to find Jaime, Tom Schaap, Steve Stevens already there getting ready to move out equipment. We moved the L23 to the north end of the runway.  Winds were out of the southeast about 10-15 mph.  Since I needed a BFR to complete the renewal of my CFIG, Jaime and I made the first three flights.  I didn’t scare Jaime too bad so he signed me off for two more years.  Tom was next up and found some weak lift, soaring for about 30 minutes.  Jay Buchanan showed up during this time so he and I went up for the hanger flight.  By this time, CU were dotting the sky with bases around 3800 ft.  Jay got off  tow at 3800 ft.  Once we descended below the level of the clouds we were able soar for 50 minutes.  At one point, we passed by three hawks flying around cloud base.  One even seemed to enter the clouds momentarily. After landing, we put the equipment away and were joined by Bob Dyer.  He mentioned having trouble putting one of his wings on his Russia.  We helped him set it up and were able to get the trouble some  wing on.  We took it off and did it again a second time to prove it could be done again.  After that, we moved his Russia into hanger one. That proved to be a challenge since there were two metal poles in the way but did it and got his trailer in also.

A couple of notes:
1) we had to jump start the tractor, the battery was too low to do it
2) I placed the new L23 lithium battery on the rack behind the Pawnee on charge.  We need to solder a charging pig tail on the wires in the L23 with the proper end to connect to the  be charger.
3) I placed another  spare tost ring in the trailer

Bob Craig