Despite the hints that summer is just a memory and fall is nearly in full swing the crew of the Omaha Soarin club had a great day! Jaime’s report includes 8 flights, with a couple milestones by club members. Click on to read the report, and spot the photo of Anders earning a B badge!

Hi All of OSCI,
Saturday started out with a cool breeze reaching up to 18 KTS varying from 260 to 330.  By mid afternoon it was a perfect fall day.  We did eight flights:  (1) Anders and I launched at 1304 to work out the kinks that might have slipped in while Anders was away having his gall bladder slipped out, :18.  (2) Sally leaped in (well sort of) and we found workable lift coming down after :38 just to be polite.  (3) Bert, being an observant person flew the Jantar, 1+10.  (4) Mike got the longest flight of the day in his Russia, 2+01.  I’ll bet the next time he has a chance to get one of the Bronze badge qualifying flights (2:15 off tow from a 3000agl release) he will take water and maybe a piddle bag.  Anyway congratulations to MIke on his personal longest flight!  (5) I took Donna Neff, one of the church auction winners for a ride (fundraiser).  After we released with high expectations we just cruised around in sink until while dinking around at 2500 msl just outside the pattern when we came across a biddie bump  and the vario went beep.  Ten minutes later we were back at release altitude and again just came down, :39.  Bob Dyer towed the first five flights then was relieved by Bert for the next couple.  (6) Apparently Anders had been watching because he went solo for 1+02 for his longest ever!  This qualified for the B Badge picture I forwarded earlier.  Congratulations to Anders!  (7) Bob Dyer, now relieved from towing, had a nice Jantar flight, :33.  Bob then jumped back into the tow plane for the hangar flight.  (8) With the day dying and feeling cooler Bert and Tammie flew for :22.  Thanks to Bob D. and Bert for the towing.  Special thanks to Tammie for helping all afternoon, after helping wash the Jantar!  We were all out the gate by 5:45.