medium_100_0741On the last day of November the Omaha Soaring Club made it to the field to enjoy some flying. Sounds like there was even some celebration in order for club member Anders. Jaime’s report tells the story, so click “read more”! Thanks also to Mac for the photos!

Hi All of OSCI,

As I came up highway 133 passing the end of 13, I saw the Pawnee take off from glider grass 31. That was a clue that others had already arrived. It was about 11:45 when I came through the gate (for a noon start) and found a beehive of activity. All the stuff was out, set up and ready to go. In addition to the usual OSCI soaring addicts, Anders had a bevy of his family and friends. As a side note, Anders had sent me an email a day or so ago mentioning that he has several guests in town that would like rides if possible, and mentioned something about IMSAFE and that he himself probably wouldn’t fly on Saturday. The “rest of the story” is Anders and Kate were married on Friday evening. Congratulations again to Anders (and Kate)! It was a pleasantly warm and sunny end of November day for gliding. “Gliding” since the temperatures aloft were as warm as the surface and our best of the day was :27 by Mike in his Russia. We did nine flights including Mike’s. The other eight were 3 passenger flights for Ander’s group given by me, Bert, Steve, all courtesy of Anders; Jim C. and Jay each flew the Jantar; Pat G flew with Dan P. on a “quiet CFI” flight; Dan P. also flew in front for Jim C.’s back seat fam flight; Mac had the hangar flight in the L23. The tows were shared by Dan P. (5), me (3), Steve (1). Steve’s tow was the hangar flight so he also had the honor of refueling the Pawnee. I’ll take the blame for Steve having to refuel but some credit for going down and helping. The light winds allowed a 31 out and 13 back operation which was apparently efficient as the last flight landed at 1507. By about 1600 we were all out. Thank you to all for helping. It was a great end of November day to be outside and at the field!