A few club members get out in front of the weekend, and some advancing weather for a few flights. Jaime’s report covers the details:

Hi All of OSCI,
I arrived around 11:30 and found Jim C. had already gotten us set up for a 31 operation.   We did 5 flights with the first off at 1235 and the last down at 1532.  By that time the wind had picked up pushing 25KT and advancing clouds covered the son.  Bob D. and I went “five for five”.  Bob towed the first four flights and flew the 5th in the L23.  I flew the first four flights in the L23 with Jim C. (practice rope break), Pat Greenwood’s daughter Grace on a ride, Pat G., and Patrick Highland (AF RC135 guy exploring gliders-FAST1).  All the 3000 agl tows managed about :16.  Then we switched places and I towed Bob for the hangar flight.  Climbing NW about 3000 msl I went through significant lift so circled back a couple times and Bob released on what felt like the edge of something.   He got :26 and just came down so everyone could get out of the now cold wind.  As with a similar event last fall I hypothesize the lift came from the advancing cold air on the surface forcing the existing air upward.