The OSCI membership assembled in the meeting room at Security Nation Bank, located at 1120 South 101 St, Omaha, NE for the 2019 Safety Meeting/Membership Meeting starting at 9:00 am. Immediately following, the Board gathered for a meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 11:23 am by President Paul Jelinek. Present at the meeting were Paul Jelinek, Jim Clark, Dan Peterson, Larry Morgan, Tom Schaap, Bob Arant, Steve Rasmussen, Dave Koukol, and Jeff Friend.

A motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting was passed.

President: Paul Jelinek brought up issues that had to do with the club’s website. Its cost, how and who is maintaining it, and that the Safety Meeting video will be added to it.

Vice President: Jim Clark continues to advocate for an increased focus on the cross country opportunities we have here in the Blair area. The possibility of Saturday classes focused on this aspect of soaring, and the planning of a club trip to Moriarty, NM.

Treasurer: Larry Morgan passed out Financial Report sheets providing us with a clear accounting of the Club’s current resources. Also a Spread Sheet detailing the Club’s expenses. Dan Peterson asked for Pawnee maintenance items to be separately grouped in the future. At this time a motion was passed to increase the charge for Rides from $75 to $100. The Board decided that there is no need to raise monthly dues at this time.

Maintenance Officer: Dan Peterson reminded us that the Annuals are due on the gliders in March. The Pawnee has about 700 hours on the engine, which has a 2000 hour Time Between Overhaul, and at the rate that we are using it, an overhaul is not a concern at this time.

The L-33 and the process of moving pilots up from the L-23 came up once again. Dan has concerns about the way the regulations are worded, and what it would take to satisfy them. The concern is whether the L-33 is a like model to the L-23.

Safety Officer: Tom Schaap reminded us that the canopy latch on the L-33 must be carefully checked before flight.

Paul stated that he liked the structure of the Safety Meeting. Looking ahead to the summer and flying, the Board intends to initiate one or more social events, BBQ/Picnics, etc.

Motion to adjourn was passed and the meeting ended at 11:53am.

These minutes submitted by Bob Arant, Secretary