The Omaha Soaring Club Board of Directors met at 6:30pm on August 23 at the OSC clubhouse at BTA.

In attendance:
Bob A.
Bob D.

The need for better maintenance of our ground handling equipment was discussed. We will create a to-do checklist of the ground equipment’s recurring maintenance needs. This will be posted in a visible place in the hanger for members to volunteer to do work and to record completion. We will also make a list of items needing repair and a budget for the needed repairs. This list and budget will be reviewed by the BOD for further action.

John proposed the need for a liability release form to protect the club. This will be required for all who fly club aircraft (both members and non-members). John’s proposed form was reviewed and was approved 6-0. All BOD members signed the form. We will immediately have the form available on the trailer on flying days for a soft suggestion and announce this as a requirement at the September membership meeting.  (Afterthought: Is this only required to fly in club aircraft? Does it also apply to our Pawnee towing privately owned aircraft, and to passengers in the privately owned aircraft?)

Member retention was again discussed as an on-going concern. Going forward, when members give notice to leave the Club, we will begin asking for information about why they are choosing to leave. Adding a second training glider is expected to help. We will continue to monitor this. Bill’s 2-22 is expected to arrive at BTA “soon”.

Jim Beyer has a PW-5 for sale has offered to bring it to BTA for review by prospective buyers. There was general agreement to accept Jim’s offer, but for potential individual/fractional ownership, not club purchase.

The need for additional tow pilots was again discussed. We will attempt to make better use of Bob D. as a tow pilot, and schedule tow pilots on split shifts so one does not need to fly all day. Bob will raise the topic of prospective tow pilots at future EAA Chapter 80 meetings, as a potential source of experienced tailwheel-qualified pilots.

Remaining work on the OSC club house area includes sealing the deck and completing the exterior painting. Perhaps this can be done by volunteers as part of a flying day.

It was suggested that we need more consistent scheduling of flight operations volunteers. Keeping the flight log, running the wing for launches, etc. is done by a very few. A more intentional development of new members in these areas, and active encouragement to participate is needed.

The time that members wait for flying opportunities was again discussed. The addition of the 2-22 is expected to be significant improvement in our operation. We may also need to better prioritize and communicate when people should arrive and the sequence of flying opportunities. John volunteered to draft a new communication of flying day plans.

Increasing presence of Eppley traffic in our flight area was discussed as a safety concern. Jeff has added ADS-B Out to his 1-26 and doing the same for the L-23 was suggested. Bob D. will research this. Approval was given to spend up to $3500, by a 6-0 vote. We should also consider coordination with Omaha tracon to better understand the result of our call notifying them we are flying.

The condition and future maintenance needs of the Pawnee was again discussed. Jeff reported that we are in good position on growth of the maintenance fund to meet its needs. Bob D. will research buying paint appropriate for the Pawnee fabric as a near-term improvement.

Meeting adjourned.