Hello, all:

As we move towards the start of the spring soaring season, please be reminded to complete your 2021 OSCI Safety Quiz.  You’ll want to bring the completed quiz to BTA before your annual Safety Flight.  You’ll also want to bring your mask!  We just received (at approximately noon today, March 24) an email from the Blair Airport Authority, passing along a directive from the FAA, that says anyone on airport property must wear a mask.  If someone refuses, they’re to be escorted off the property.  Let’s hope that this is a short-lived directive.

In other news related to the start of the soaring season, the L-23 has had it’s Annual inspection.  It’ll need the tow release assembly replaced at some point in the not-too-distant future.  Otherwise, it is ready to fly.  The L-33 has been reassembled, and will be having its annual inspection before long.  Bob C’s and Jay B’s Russia glider was in Moriarity, NM recently, for some repairs to the main wheel, and a fresh coat of white paint on most of the ship.  It’s back in its hangar at BTA, looking like new.

The annual Soaring Society of America dues payments are approaching.  The dues remain $75 per person for the period July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.  Last year, the dues were paid to the SSA on April 8th.  So far, I haven’t been contacted by the SSA, but sometime this spring, you’ll see a $75 charge on your monthly OSCI Account Activity Report.

Elections for the new Board of Directors have not yet been held.  I have no estimate on when they will be held.  There have been several attempts to hold the elections, but due to the pandemic, they have yet to be held.

Happy Spring!  I look forward to seeing everyone at BTA sometime soon!

Jeff F.