Bob Craig reports on soaring again, with some success. Sounds like the birds helped mark some lift, and the club had another great fall day. Read More!

A recovering sore back gave me pause about coming out but then I saw the thermal index with -3 or greater up to 8000ft, my back started to feel a whole lot better.  The crew for this days flying was Dan Peterson, Steve Stevens, Jim Clark, Mike Boska, Ander Backlund, and Jaime Alexander (I hope I didn’t forget anybody).  After moving two Russia’s and the L-23 to the start of 31, we launched the L-23 for two pattern tows with Steve Stevens and Jaime.   Winds were strong out of the W-NW and when the Pawnee came back after the first tow, the end of the rope passed within a foot of the nose of my Russia parked next to the observation deck.  So I moved it and considered myself lucky.  The next  L-23 flight was me taking up an introductory ride (FAST kit).  As promised, the lift was there despite the strong winds and I got to demonstrate climbing in thermals with a couple hawks.  Jaime took up the next introductory flight (another FAST kit).  Mike launched next in his Russia followed by me in my Russia.   The earlier lift I experienced was no longer there along with the CU evaporating so back on the ground in short order followed by Mike.  Next Jaime took up another introductory ride in the L-23.   By this time the Cu had re-developed so I tried a second tow with much better results – connecting with the Cumulus clouds and climbing to about 6500 ft.  While  up, Anders went up in the L-23 on a solo flight followed by Dan Peterson and Jim Clark for the hanger flight.  I landed after an hour and 3 minute flight.  It was a great fall day. Thanks to Dan Peterson and Jaime for towing.

Bob Craig