The Omaha Soaring Club held a general membership meeting, and the annual
spring safety seminar at 9:00 on March 5 at Centris Federal Credit Union.

Jay gave recognition to the contributions of Frank, Dan, Whit, and Jaime
as tow pilots.

Jay provided a review of club goals for 2022 and discussed the roles and
responsibilities of a proposed Membership/Social chair role.

Bob A. led a review of the club’s plans for making the L-33 available to
all qualified members, and discussion of the changes to the By-Laws
required. A vote was held, and these changes were approved.

Jeff provided a recap of the club’s  expenses and cash flow needs. After
some discussion, a motion was made to increase the monthly dues for Full
memberships to $40 per month, and for Family memberships to $20 per
month. These changes were approved.

Bob D. provided an update on the maintenance status of the club aircraft
and hangers. The gliders’ annual inspections are complete, and the
repairs to the Pawnee hanger door is still in-progress.

Tom led a review of club flying operations and safety considerations.
Points of emphasis were being diligent in maintaining a safe environment
on the flight line and proper positioning of the gliders for launch.

Steve provided a recap of the club members who completed pilot
certificates and plans for more in 2022. If you need a flight review,
please coordinate this with Steve at least one week in advance, and/or
consider using the FAA Wings program as a substitute.

Jim provided an overview of the SSA badge program, and encouragement for
all to pursue badges.

Steve provided a recap of our CAP flight program.

Meeting adjourned.