The Omaha Soaring Club Board of Directors met on Saturday, April 24, in the SkyWerx conference room.

It was determined that a majority of votes cast by members were in favor of the proposed 2021 Board of Directors:

President – Jay B.
Vice-President – Bob A.
Secretary – David L.
Treasurer – Jeff F.
Flight Officer – Tom S.
Maintenance Officer – Bob D.

We continue an emphasis on field safety. Topics of emphasis are:
– Safety is a special concern when visitors with families are on the filed. Keeping people unfamiliar with glider operations well clear of the runway is a responsibility shared by all.
– We need to be conscious of the positioning of our tent/canopy well back from the runway to help keep everyone safe.
– Launch crews need to be diligent in checking the tow rope for knots and checking the connection of the rope to the Pawnee before every launch.
– Any ‘incidents’ potentially involving damage, personal safety, or liability to the club are to be reported to the Board of Directors.
– The club by-laws provide for a Safety Committee to review and recommend safety practices. Look for this to be put in place.The L-33 is frequently taken to other soaring sites, and this is part of its role in club operations. A more structured plan to minimize its time out-of-service is needed.

Club finances are good. We continue to break-even on our operations.

Ways to improve our member’s engagement in the life of the club, and especially the retention and involvement of new members were discussed. More to come on plans for this.

We have again been asked to participate in the annual STEM day at the Millard airport in September. We have accepted this invitation.

We have also been asked to participate in a STEM project this winter to provide youth with education on soaring and the weather considerations behind soaring. Details are in progress.

Several club members will be conducting a presentation on soaring at the May meeting of EAA Chapter 80.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.

David L.
Secretary, Omaha Soaring Club