The Omaha Soaring Club board of directors met at 1:00 p.m. on February 24 at the Swanson Branch of the Omaha Public Library. All BOD members were present, and Steve R. was present as an ex-officio representative.

Jeff F. proposed that the club change the club credit card to remove Bob Craig as the named responsible party, and to one offering to better arrangements. This was approved.

Bud S. asked to use the Grob trailer to pick up the other Grob in Moriarty. This was approved.

A discussion was held of the safety observations collected by Mark:

1) The presence of pets in our operations area, and some incidents in the recent past were discussed. A motion was made by Tom S. to prohibit pets in our glider operations area. This was approved. This policy will be announced at the safety meeting, published in the safety meeting minutes, and Tom will include it in the first few flight announcements of the season.
2) The control of people in our operations area was discussed. It was agreed that this is already addressed in the Flight Operations rules, and just requires more assertive administration. Family access for cockpit photos for visitor rides present a special circumstance. It was agreed this needs to be allowed, but it needs to be proactively managed.
3) Management of multiple gliders in the air, especially needing near-simultaneous landings was discussed. It was agreed that we have good practices in place, but that less experienced pilots may not be familiar with this. This will be addressed in the safety meeting.
4) The management of people and tasks was discussed. Steve proposed that the Supervisor of Flying (SOF) role described in the Flight Operations rules be utilized to more effectively manage required tasks and workload. It was agreed that this would be beneficial. How to best implement it will need some consideration. The initial plan will be for Tom to request a volunteer in the Wednesday night flight announcement message.
5) Clear communication of the waiting list for flights was discussed. It was proposed that a white board be placed at the table as a tool for those wanting to fly to put their name on a clearly visible list for flight sequencing. It will need to be made clear that this is a ‘soft sequence’ open to adjustments, but it was agreed this will make all more aware of when they should be ready to fly.
6) Management of downwind operations was discussed. It was agreed that, within the limitations in the POH, this a PIC decision. Decision-making support is needed for those new to the aircraft being flown.

Meeting adjourned.

David Leslie
Secretary, Omaha Soaring Club