Ops officer Jaime has the soaring report. Just beat the winds to the hanger, but it sounds like they got some flying in before!

Hi All of OSCI,
I arrived a couple minutes before 10:00 AM at the Skywerx conference room to find Jim C. and Steve S. already there.  We had a couple hours conversation about the Com, PTs and related items before heading over to the hangars.  Dan P. had the Pawnee ready to push out.  Jerry, Pat G. and Mike were also on hand.  The wind was “Brisk and bumpy” from the SSE so we set up for 13.  Steve towed the first flight, Pat G. with CFI Dan P. providing Pat some good windy practice, at 12:51.  Flight 2 was Jim and I practicing what we had been talking about.  Flight 3 was Mike in his Russia expanding his envelope a bit.  Flight 4 was Steve’s turn to dazzle me with his comprehension of our ground school discussions.  On the 5th and hangar flight I took, Louise Jeffry, a winner of an auction at our church for a glider flight, up for a fun ride including a self described precision “wiffer-dill”.  We were down at 14:57.  Dan towed the last 4 flights.  As the L23 was being towed in I checked the AWOS.  Our timing was good as the gusts were reported at 25.  The Pawnee is back in our regular hangar.  Thanks to all for good work!