11-2-13SteveBert_0November is here, and with it comes some advancement for club members. Steve S. updated his FAA ticket with commercial glider privlideges and some others in the club enjoyed another fall day of flying. Read More for Jaime’s report and a photo!

 Hi All of OSCI, 

I arrived at 10:00 for some PTS briefing with Anders.  We used the upstairs lounge area at SkyWerx while Steve did the oral portion of his practical test with Bert in the conference room.  We all went out to the hangars about 12:00 and found the ships out and everything set up for operations from 31.  Steve then took two flights to dazzle Bert and add the Commercial-Glider onto his certificate.  Congratulations Steve!  I took the attached picture of Steve and Bert just after they landed.  Anders and I then did a couple similar flights practicing for Anders’ Private Pilot Glider.  Jerry took off in his Russia in between our flights.  Anders and I had some tantalizing almost lift on our first flight but not much really proved sustainable until later in the afternoon.  Bert also gave Jim C. a Jantar brief and Jim got his first Jantar flight.  I then took Mark Hunt’s daughter Annie on an intro flight.  While we were up Jim made a good first Jantar landing and Mac took the Jantar up in what turned out to be the longest flight if the day, :46.  While Mac was up Paul in the L23 and Mike in his Russia went up and had some success staying up.  But apparently the lift soon died out because in close sequence Mac, Mike and Paul entered the downwind leg.  Mac landed long followed by Mike not quite so long and Paul making it anticlimactic by making a nice short field landing.  The unsung hero during all 10 flights was Dan P. going up and down in the Pawnee.  Thanks to Dan and everyone for helping make it a great day.  We were all out by 4:30 or thereabouts.