Congratulations to Jim on the addition of Commercial Glider privileges to his ATP! Oh and there was some other training going on last Sunday. Read More for Jaime’s report.

Hi All of OSCI,
I arrived a bit before 1:00 and found Jim C. and Bert upstairs at SkyWerx preparing for Jim’s oral portion.  I signed Jim’s application and headed out to see what was happening on the field.  Jerry caught me and said that everything was down at the far end and I was needed for some rides.  I arrived out at the far end just in time to watch Mike in his Russia towed aloft by Dan, well, towed by the Pawnee flown by Dan.  The rides were for friends of Lee and Doc Bates.  I took Lydia up on the first L-23 flight and then towed Lauri and Dan up on the second ride flight.  By then Jim and Bert had finished the oral portion and were ready to start the flight portion of the practical test.  I stayed in the Pawnee for their first launch which turned out to be a 3000agl release after doing the “box” etc.  Dan got back in the Pawnee for Jim and Bert’s  second flight which turned out to be an about pattern altitude simulated rope break and an accuracy stop.  Bert said they were finished with the L-23 and both were smiling (good sign).  Jim and Bert went back to SkyWerx to do the paperwork for Jim’s Commercial Glider rating added on to his existing ATP certificate.  Congratulations Jim Clark!  At the field we continued with Dan taking Blair resident Byron Rowgowski on his FAST2 flight.  That meant I had returned to the Pawnee where I stayed for our next flight which was Jim taking his wife Nina as his first glider passenger, neat!   Dan and I switched one more time so Anders and I could do a PTS practice flight for the hangar flight.  We landed at 16:54.  The SW wind had been significant early on but calmed and swung around more in line with the strip later.  All flight were of the up and down variety.  It was a good day!