Hi All of OSCI,

The day started for some of us (about 14) with the club quarterly meeting at 9:00 with enough to talk about to last until about noon.
It was a pleasant day with light WNW winds allowing a mostly 31 operation. There was enough lift for most flights to get near 30 minutes with Anders in his Russa longest at :35.
We did eight flights with Whitt towing the first six. I towed the last two after Whitt had to leave. 5 flights were flown in the L23 and three in Russia’s. Unfortunately Jerome and Sally also had to leave without flying. Jerome mentioned something about “Homecoming”. That was probably a good decision as I had learned I needed to be gone by 5:00 latest anyway.
1) Bob Arant/Daryl Hickman, CFI – It is good to have new member CFI Daryl with us.
2) Anders in his Russia
3) Don Myer/Jaime dual
4) Andrew Helling/Daryl – FAST 2
5) Mike in Russia
6) David Nail/Jaime – FAST2
7) Carl Rump solo in L23
8) Anders in his Russia for the :35 hangar flight
Don helped me refuel the Pawnee. Things were tucked away and I was out the gate only a few minutes after 5:00
Thanks to all for the ground help, especially Jerome.