Hi OSCI Members,


What a beautiful day form start to finish!  Soaring Forecast showed good possibilities if it warmed to expectations.

After GS we proceeded to set up for 31 departures  with light winds allowing 13 land backs.


Well there was an initial glitch when we found the Pawnee hangar door locked with two “airport locks”.  I know last week we replaced one with a club lock.  It seems the Wednesday flyers somehow managed to get it again locked so a key was required.  The saving grace was Bob C. reminded me last week that we have an “airport key” on our big key ring in the cabinet.  Tom S. got busy trying keys on the two locks and fortunately found a match between our airport key and one of the locks.   We replaced it with a club lock.  As I think of it now it seems we must have left the airport lock we can’t open with our key on the rod along with the club lock.  So now where did we put the airport lock we can open?  My concern comes from the thought the airport didn’t give us a master key but a key that fits the lock we have now put somewhere else.  My brain just fried.

The first flight took off at 12:51.

1) Bob A/Jaime, L23  :15

2) Anders,  Russia  :15

3) Chris Pineda/Jaime, L23, :18  Chris is a new member, attends UNO in Aviation, FAST2 flight

4) Anders, Russia, :26 aha! something is brewing

5) Jaime/Carolyn, :16 Carolyn was a passenger having won the ride at a church auction.  She was worried but came back smiling.

6) Paul, L33, 2:31,  Paul has never applied for a badge.  Now he can apply for A,B, probably C pending a dual landing, and gets credit for first of the two 2 hour flights for Bronze.

7) Mike Driggins/Jaime, L23, Mike D. visited GS and got a FAST kit, flying FAST1

8) Mike, Russia,  1:09

9) Tom S./solo,  L23, :15

10) Mac, L23  :46

11) Donna/Jaime, L23,  :26

12) John Pinada/Jaime,  L23, :15,  day came full cycle, :15 to :15,  John is father of Chris, has Pvt A and Instrument, this was FAST2

Last flight landed at 17:39

After GS at 9:00 and six flights I was ready for the barn going out the gate about 6:30!  Dee had invited me to dinner.  I’m surely glad she likes aviation!

We owe Frank a big thank you for answering our need for a tow pilot and towing all 12 flights.

Note:  the Pawnee was refueled once and put away with a couple tows out of the tank.