I’m including two parts for the Saturday 9/10 Soaring report:

The Dawn Patrol

Arriving stealthily as dawn breaks the darkness our team (Paul, Bob A, Tom S, Mike) dutifully comply with FAR’s and launch the mission to CBF precisely at sunrise.  They proceed through the early morning skies aided by superior airmanship and, yes, Approach Control, to a precise roll to the intersection landing abeam the CAF ramp.  They manned the OSCI promotional table throughout the fly-in breakfast until late forenoon spreading the OSCI message to many of the attending pilots.  Paul towed both legs with Mike being Oscar-2’s PIC.  Tom accompanied on the way over while Bob A. drove with the display items.  Bob A. accompanied Mike on the homebound leg with Tom driving back.  As I arrived about 1:00 wondering if they had gotten back, my question was answered when I saw the launch of the first of the Saturday local flights!  Great job gentlemen!


Saturday 9/10 Soaring Report

I learned that the first flight I had seen taking off was Steve in O-2 seeking the day’s likely lift.  :14 tells the sad story of flight 1 .   This post cold front day did however show enough promise to lure out Bob C. who claimed he just happened to have all his “other duties” done.  Flight 2 was Bob in his Russia taking off twenty minutes after Steve’s landing and getting the day’s longest flight at 1+41 .  Flight 3 was Paul in O-2 for a nice :47, coming down just to be polite .  Flight 4 was Mike in his Russia for :58 .  Flight 5 was Tom in O-2 apparently flying in Steve’s used air for :15 .  Bob A. took O-2 for the hangar flight and :48, coming down when I called and advised him that soon he would be all alone .   Paul towed the first and last flight.  I towed the middle four.  We wrapped up with great lift still available because I had a commitment, and the fact that Paul, Bob A, Tom S., and Mike all had very long “OSCI” days (see Dawn Patrol).  Thanks to them for the great effort!