Hi All of OSCI,


The forecast clear day had fog and lingering low clouds.  We didn’t get the first flight off until 13:47.  We then did get six flights:

1)  Tom Schaap / Whit on a dual flight

2)  Gift Certificate holder Debbie Galusha / Jaime on an Intro

3)  Visitor from Lincoln Dan Ward / Whitt flew FAST 1

Frank towed the first three

4)  Donna Neff’s son Eric / Jaime flew a ride charged to Donna’s account

5)  Donna Neff / Jaime flew a dual flight

Whitt towed these two

6)  Tom Schaap / Whitt flew a dual flight

Jaime towed the hangar flight.

It turned into a pretty day but the moisture from recent rains created the morning clouds and prevented the earth from heating much so all flights were sled rides, :16 – :22.

The hangar flight landed at 17:08.