Hi All of OSCI,

My urging to come a bit early, push out at noon, fly, and get out of the heat, resonated.  I arrived about 11:40 to find the ships ready to move up to the far end for a 13 operation.  We did nine flights with the first off at 12:39 and the hangar flight down at 16:06.  .  All flights except those in a Russia were in the L23.
1)  Steve S.planned a solo but offered anyone the back seat.  Visitor Darcy McAbee accepted.
2)  I took up visitor Del McAbee on an intro flight.  Darcy and father Del came out a couple times previously but were foiled by bad weather.  This time worked out well.
3)  Anders flew his Russia
4)  Steve D. flew with Whitt as CFI.
5)  Don flew with me as CFI.
6)  Mike flew his Russia
Frank towed the first six flights.
7)  Bob A. flew with Whitt as CFI.  Steve S. towed this flight.
8)  Pat flew with Whitt as CFI.
9)  Jay flew his Russia.
I towed the last two flights.
Thanks to all for the good ground crew help throughout this warm to hot day!  Flight times were all close to :20 with Mike B. getting the longest at :28.  I tried to drink enough water to stay hydrated but found myself very thirsty after we finished, another message to heed.