Hi All of OSCI,

Submitted by Jaime Alexandar

We set up for a 13 operation and launched (1) Mike on his Safety Flight with me :19.  Steve Stevens (2) went solo to regain passenger currency :19.  Steve Davis and Whitt flew a dual flight (3) :23.  Donna Neff flew her FAST 1 flight with me for flight (4) :30.  Mike took launch (5) in his Russia getting the longest flight of the day 1:22.  Bob Arant flew a dual flight with Whitt :17.  Don Meyer and I went on his FAST 2 Flight (7) :26.  Jim C. took the hangar flight (8) :22.  The L23 radio had been working great for five flights then went dead again.  I “wiggled” the red connection as per Pat Greenwood’s email last week but didn’t have the magic touch.  We used a h/h radio for the remaining flights.  It was great to have Whitt back, able to tow and instruct.  It sure makes a difference to be able to alternate instructors and have some time for briefings.  We also added Paul Jelinek to our tow pilot staff.  Paul had towed in Pawnees a few years ago in S. California.  Whitt towed the first couple flights and Paul towed the last five.  I also appreciated not having to jump in the tow plane in between glider flights!  Thank you to Paul and Whitt!  Jim’s hangar flight landed at 17:44 and most of us were very ready to get out of the heat and humidity on this practice summer day.