Hi All of OSCI,


I arrived a bit before 9:00 passing Frank Mitchell, early tow pilot, in the “alley way” inside the gate.  The hangar doors were already open and when I turned the corner to drive out on the field I noticed the tent set up on the far end.  The fellow relaxing in all the peace and quiet turned out to be Jim C. (of course).   Since the wind was nearly calm we launched, (1), Dan. for a safety flight with me from 31.  We landed on 31 to set up for takeoffs on 13.   (2) Steve Stevens did his safety flight with Dan.  Steve is doing very well with his two new knees but is willing to accept help getting in and out of the L23, and will have to get a bit further along before being able to climb into the Pawnee.  It was great to have Steve out and up!  (3) Steve Davis, our other Steve henceforth known as Steve D., flew with me on a training flight trying to recapture some of his long unused flying acumen.  (4) Last week’s visitor Tong Liu went up on his FAST1 flight with Dan.  Tong is a pharmacy student at UNMC,  communicates well in English, and is just starting to fulfill his flying ambitions.  He also learned the mantra about airports are always being colder or hotter than anticipated.  (5) New member Bob Arant (becoming Bob A. in our list of Bobs) flew his FAST1 flight with me.  We were the first flight to find sustainable lift coming down after :30 for the day’s longest flight.  (6) Bob D. got his safety flight with Dan and apparently found some lift :26.  Frank towed six flights before needing to depart so Bob D. took over for the last tow.

(7) Jim C. not only got the tent up early but kept the flight sheet until nearly the end when he went solo on the hangar flight with some lift remaining :22.  Jim was down at 3:04 so there was some day left but by then everyone who persisted had flown and had come to agreement with Tong (see mantra, flight 4).  Special mention goes to Jay and visitor Ted Dickerson for ground help.  Ted was once upon a time a member and will probably be again though in a year or so.  Exemplary mention goes to Bob C. for helping with the staging then retuning to the hangar, pulling the L-13 on the trailer out to the grass, jacking up and blocking the trailer, removing the wheels, taking them to get new tires, coming back, going to get the wheels with new tires, mounting them, pulling the trailer back in as we all finished up and left.  Now we can proceed with the plan to store the L-13 and then refit the trailer to handle the L-23.  After writing this I have decided to change Bob C.’s rating to Super exemplary!  The condolences and best wishes award goes to new member Tom Winter who after driving from Lincoln to within a mile or so of BTA was involved in a several car pileup (previously covered in his email) and having to be towed.  We are all thankful for no injuries!  The updated Safety Requirements record is attached.



Jaime  3-29-14 2013 Safety Program Requirements