I arrived about 12:45 to find preparations well underway.  With a nearly direct crosswind we set up for 31 takeoffs and could land 13.  We did six flights, five in O-2 and one Russia.  Bob A. was first up on a solo .  Donna and Jaime were next (glad to have Donna back flying).  Mike took his Russia for flight 3.  Tom followed with a solo.  Bob Dyer then flew flight 5 taking Donna along as passenger.  Donna with Jaime flew the hangar flight.  The soaring forecast accurately predicted no lift resulting in all flights in the :17 – :22 range with the :22 belonging to Mike in his Russia as expected, but close examination of the flight sheet shows he made a 4000 agl tow.  Oh well, the great beauty of the day made it memorable for early November.  Bob D did 4 tows and Jaime filled in with 2 tows. The “gliders down” call to OMA APC was made at 1600.  We were all out by 1630.