Hi All of OSCI,

This is the last of the overdue soaring reports.
The series of very nice days in October continued. Light winds allowed us to set up for 31 takeoffs and for the most part land on 13. I had called a noon start and when I arrived it was apparent that some had come considerably earlier because the ships were out and the ops trailer and tent set up. The first launch was off at 12:11. We did eight flights, all in the L23 with the hangar flight landing at 16:01. All tows were 3000 agl except the high tow. The 3000 foot tow flights varied from :16 to :22.
1) Jim C. took a passenger
2) Tom O. / Jaime – dual training
3) Daryl took a gift certificate passenger “Scott” on a high tow (5000agl per the certificate). This was the longest flight of the day, :32.
4) Don M. – solo
5) Bob A. / Bert – dual training
6) Tom S. / Daryl – dual training
7) Jerome – solo
8) Mac – solo
Whitt towed the first six flights with Jaime doing the last two.
Thanks to all for the ground and preparation help.