Hi All of OSCI,

I’m catching up on Soaring Reports and now up to last week. I wasn’t there on Friday but inherited the flight sheet from the clip board on Saturday.
This was another beautiful day apparently lacking lift. Tows varied from 2000 to 3000 AGL. Flight times varied from eight minutes to seventeen minutes.
Nine flights were flown:
1) Pat G./ Daryl – dual
2) Pat G. – FIRST SOLO! Congratulations to Pat and thanks to Daryl.
3) David Nail / Whitt – dual
5) David N. / Whitt – dual
6) Tom Ostlund (Tommy Tow) / Daryl – dual, Tom owns a Cessna 150 in addition to a tow truck.
7) Pat G. / Daryl – dual
8) David N. / Whitt – dual
9) Tom O. / Daryl – dual
I have to comment:
This flying sequence was a perfect example of good and efficient training. Note how Whit and Daryl alternated, each with a student getting multiple flights. Adequate pre and post flight briefings could be done because there were two CFI’s working with only three students. Well done!
Of course the real hero is Frank Mitchell who towed all nine flights. Without him Whitt would have had to tow leaving Daryl with seven dual flights and limited time for pre and post flight briefings.