Hi All of OSCI,

This is being written now because my computer was in the shop for eleven days.
We did twelve flights(ten in the L23 and two listed in “Russia”).
1) Kaelyn O’Rourke (Sally’s granddaughter) FAST 1 with Dan
2) Sean O’Rourke (Sally’s grandson) FAST 1 with me
3) Tyson O’Rourke (Sally’s grandson) FAST 2 with Whitt
4) Jerome (also as most know, Sally’s grandson) flew solo
5) Tom S./ Daryl dual training
6) Anders – Russia
7) Don Meyer / solo
8) Sally/me dual flight
9) Anders – Russia
10) Bert flew passenger Don Wright
11) Don/ Daryl – practice rope break
12) Bert took a passenger on another practice rope break
The towing was shared by Whitt (5), Dan (2), me (5).
It was a beautiful day though no lift so the flights were all short.
And it was great having lots of CFI’s and tow pilots to share the flying!