Hi All of OSCI,


The first day of spring turned out to be a jewel in March’s unpleasantness.  I arrived a bit before noon and found Jim C. with the hangar doors open and a project underway putting a “new” radio in the trailer.  The job isn’t complete but Jim hooked it up so we could use it, for a while.  Apparently the battery in the trailer needs charging, a task we will need to remember when we put the trailer to bed.  We trekked down to the far end for a 13 operation.  It was a full day complicated by the need for some to get three flights before carrying passengers.  We are making progress.  Dan started towing because I could instruct, allowing me to get Jim C. and Perry their safety flights.  Then Dan and I traded aircraft so I could tow him on three pattern tows.  By then Bert arrived after administering a practical test in Lincoln.  Bert took over the towing for the rest of the day.  Pat Greenwood flew a training flight with Dan.  Jerry flew his Russia for the longest flight of the day, :38.  Then Steve Davis and Tom Winter in turn flew with me.  We found workable lift on each flight, coming back after a half hour to be polite.  Steve had flown some “long long ago” then life interceded until he came out to watch a friend take a ride last year.  Steve’s flight was his FAST 2.  Tom, a new member and retired UNL Latin professor, flew over in his 1967 C-150 with his collapsible bicycle.  Over the winter he flew and reached solo in 2-33 gliders while in Arizona.  Mac  had been patiently waiting through all this to get a couple soloes to complete his currency and then took his equally patient granddaughter and grandson up for flights. The latter being the hangar flight.  Thanks to Bert for his eight tows!  Everyone got to fly except Jon Fitzsimmons.  Jon is an AF pilot and flew in via his RV-4.  Jon has been on my group email for a couple years and had previously flown FAST 1.  He had to leave after helping most of the day but he will be back for his FAST 2.  He is leaving the AF and plans to be in Omaha, at least while pursuing an airline connection.  Thank you all who helped and made it all possible (13 flights).