Hi All,
A real nice day today with some lift too.  July is normally hot and humid, but we’ve had some really nice days recently.  We flew sixteen flights today.  Matt R. started it off with Steve R. for two flights, followed by Jim D. who also flew two flights with Steve.  Lexy H. then did a couple of flights with Steve.  Dave L. slipped in a solo flight and found a little lift.  Jim and Matt each flew three more flights with Steve, and then I did a solo flight, also finding some lift.  Matt finished the day with five pattern tows.
In other news, we cleaned out the hangar behind the Pawnee and Bud S. arrived with the Grob glider.  The trailer fit in the hangar with less than 2 feet to spare.  We will put it together Saturday.  Dave O. and Frank M. did the towing today.
Thanks everybody.
Tom S.