The forecasted moderate temperature and NW wind did materialize, but the hoped for lift was mostly missing.  I started the flying by taking up Patrick Castro (:19) and then his wife Soraia Miranda (:17).  They are the couple from Brazil currently working at SkyWerx.  They hold Brazilian commercial pilot certificates and have applied for US private certificates.  They went to the LNK FSDO and learned they could get Pvt based on their certificates but need to take a check ride for commercial.  Then I flew with Tom Schaap on a training flight.  We scratched around for :30.  Visitor Holly Macklin, a neighbor from across the road, then went on an Intro ride with Steve Stevens.  Jerry Adams flew his Russia for the day’s longest time, :52.  Pat Greenwood then flew the L23 for a nice :29.  Bob Dyer took  the hangar flight in the L23 with Soraia tagging along in the back seat, :17.  We flew seven flights.  Steve towed the first three followed by Bob D. towing the next three, and I towed the last flight.


There were a couple contacts with Omaha Approach worth some note.  During my flight with Tom I heard radio transmission saying Approach was concerned because they saw us going up and down without notifying them.  I assumed that call was from Glider Ground but after landing and inquiring it was apparently being relayed from an aircraft.  Anyhow I replied that I had in fact called them.  After refueling the Pawnee and we got it back into the hangar, I was told the flight sheet was in my car.  Indeed it was, but after arriving home I noticed the “Stop” notification for Approach was not filled in.  I called Approach to verify they knew we were down.  They again said they hadn’t been called.  I think this time they were correct.  But it wasn’t all that late so there was no concern.  I then asked about the confusion over the initial call.  I was transferred to a supervisor who knew the situation.  He said the earlier confusion was “all on them” in that the fact that we called to start was not relayed properly internally.  Tie score:  Approach 1, OSCI 1.