Hi All,
An active day today with thirteen flights.  First up was Lexy H. for two flights with Steve R.  Then Nic M. flew two solo flights.  Steve R. and I did a back seat endorsement flight, and Jeff F. was launched in his 1-26. Dave L. flew a solo flight, and we launched Jay in the L33.  Nic did a couple more solo flights, and Steve took Jeff’s 1-26 up for a ride.  Jeff did another solo, and then Steve and I flew the hangar flight to finish my backseat endorsement.
This was Jay’s first time flying the L-33.  He had some porpoising when he first got off the ground; enough that the spoilers popped open.  The ground crew was quick to get on the radio to let Jay know to close them.  The rest of the flight was uneventful, and Jay’s landing was nice.  Jay reported that the L-33 requires more aggressive rudder control, and a very light touch on the stick.  
A gentleman named Matthew showed up with his camera, and asked to take photos of our flight operations.  He spent an hour or more taking photos, and he left Dave L. his card.  It’ll be interesting to see if he captured some good photos.
It’s wasn’t a bad day to be out.  It was a little breezy to start, but the winds died down significantly by about 3PM.  There was no lift, so it was a day of sled rides, but for October, it was a day to fly.  Frank towed for us.
Thanks all.