Hello, all:

Nine flights were flown today. Bob C. checked out Liam G. on flying the L-23 from the back seat. Then, Liam took a fellow Air Force pilot up for the first of two rides. Jim D. took a flight with Bob C., and then Bob C. took a visitor up for a ride. At approximately 2:15, cumulus clouds started drifting over, which indicated that there were thermals in the area. Jeff took his 1-26B up for an hour and twenty-four minute flight. Bud S. took the L-23 up to 7,200′ and got in a forty-minute flight. Bob C. took his Russia glider up to approximately 7,500′, and flew for a little over an hour. Bob A. flew the hangar flight, a flight which lasted twenty-four minutes. Frank M. did all the towing today.

It was another very nice day. The winds were blowing down the runway at 10 to 15 knots, but they were never an issue. The thermals were scattered, but strong. It was another good day of soaring. There was a lot of talk about how dry it’s been, and that we could sure use several days of a slow, steady rain. The grass runway looks like it does in late August – dry and dusty.

Happy Memorial Day!

Tom S.