Hello, all:

It was a beautiful early summer day in Nebraska.  The winds were light, the skies were mostly clear, the humidity was low, and the high temperature was 77 degrees.  If there had been strong thermals it’d have been a perfect day for soaring.  However, the thermals were not strong; they were mostly ‘non-existent’.  We flew nine sorties today, despite the lack of thermals:

  • David L flew a twenty-minute solo in the L-23
  • Liam G flew a thirty-minute solo in the L-23
  • Bud S flew his first flight in his Grob Astir CS77. The access panel in the fuselage behind the cockpit popped open in flight.  Bud says it sounded like a playing card rattling against the spokes of a bicycle wheel.
  • Ryan K flew the L-23 with Jamie A along. There were no wingovers during the flight.
  • Jeff F flew two flights in his 1-26. He was towed to 4,000’ AGL, hoping to buy more flight time, but it didn’t matter today.  Both flights were almost exactly 20 minutes long.
  • Bob A took the Grob Astir CS up for a twenty-three-minute flight.
  • Ryan K flew a fifteen-minute solo flight in the L-23.
  • Liam G took Jeff’s 1-26 up for a seventeen-minute flight, which turned out to be the hangar flight.

Sean S and his wife Sarah were out today.  Sean didn’t fly – he’s waiting to pick up his factory fresh glider in the next couple of weeks.  Instead of flying, he helped with flight operations all afternoon – thanks for coming out and helping, Sean!

Although there weren’t good thermals, it was an awesome day to be outside.  We’ve now flown just over 100 sorties so far this season.  We had a late start this season, but now we’re starting to hit our stride.  We will continue to offer flying on days with flyable weather, and one of these days there will be booming thermals!  Great soaring is still ahead!

Thanks to all for a pleasant and safe day of soaring.