Hi All,
We flew eighteen flights today.  Starting before noon, Jim D. flew five flights with Steve R. while practicing for his upcoming Check Ride.  Following Jim’s flights, Steve flew a paid ride, and then Steve flew two flight lessons, one with Ryan K. and one with Will M.  Jeff F. took his 1-26 up for the first of two flights, and then John H. flew two solo pattern tows and one solo flight to 3,000′.  Malika flew her two FAST Kit flights and said they were awesome.  Dave L. and Bud S. each flew solo flights, and Ryan K. flew a second flight lesson with Steve for the hangar flight.  I didn’t fly today, as the lift never got get going like it was forecast to do.  There were thermals, but they were very spotty and never got higher than about 4,500′.  Maybe there were too many clouds floating by today.  Still, it was a very nice day for July in Nebraska.  The temps were in the low 80’s, the winds were light, and the humidity was low.  Frank did the towing.
There was a general aviation fly-in at KBTA on Saturday.  It was sponsored by Omaha Aircraft Sales.  The Pancake Man was on-hand for breakfast, and at noon smoked brisket sandwiches were served for lunch.  Further, an Oshkosh Arrival Briefing was held for those attendees going to the big annual Oshkosh fly-in.  The Omaha Soaring Club was represented at the KBTA fly-in by Jeff F.  He had his glider on display and some informational pamphlets if anyone wanted more information about OSCI.  A lot of attendees walked over to look at Jeff’s glider, and more than ten people took pamphlets.
Thanks all.