Hi All,

We flew eleven flights today.  Sunday felt almost like a fall afternoon, after two the two previous days of extreme heat.  The skies were sunny with variable winds blowing, from right down the runway to a full crosswind, and from no wind at all to gusts as high as 16 knots.  The variance in the winds made some of the take-offs and landings interesting – it was mostly the take-offs while nearing the usual turbulence at the north end of the runway.  Overall, it was a very nice day to be soaring.  Plus, there was good lift for a while.

John H. and Steve R. were the first two launched.  Then, Steve and Vere M flew together.  Next were new member Liam G. and Steve, followed by Jacob M. and Steve.  David L. flew a solo flight, and then Steve took Will M. up for his second FAST kit flight.  Jaime A. went up with Jeff F. to work on stalls and slips – Jamie demonstrated what happens if the bottom rudder is used during a turning stall – the glider will start to enter a spin!  Top rudder, top rudder, top rudder!  Unless you want to practice spin recoveries!  Jamie and Jeff also found a good thermal, and gained 1,700’.  They reported that they could have kept climbing, but the purpose of their flight was to practice stalls and slips for Jeff’s upcoming flight exam this fall.  Steve then did flights with John, Vere, and Jeff.  I flew the hangar flight, where I successfully navigated the sink between the thermals!  Frank did all the towing.

Liam G, who is a USAF pilot, joined our Club today.  Liam says he’d like to get his glider add-on, and he’s thinking about earning a CFI-G.  He’s also a handy guy, as he was able to reinstall a mounting screw and nut in Jeff’s 1-26 that was in a hard to reach spot.  He may have inherited some of his father’s skills – his father was an F-16 mechanic.  Anyway, welcome to the Omaha Soaring Club, Liam!