Hi All,
We flew eighteen flights today.  Ryan K. started off with Steve R. for an instruction flight.  Next, Matt R. flew two flights with Steve as Matt prepares for his upcoming Check Ride.  Steve then flew two paid rides.  Will M. was up next for a lesson with Steve, followed by Jim Cushing for two lessons with Steve and Ryan flying a second flight with Steve.  Jeff F. flew three flights with Jaime to get a back seat endorsement in the L-23, and then Jaime flew a flight as PIC.  David L. flew a solo flight, followed by my solo flight.  Jeff was launched in his 1-26 between Dave’s and my solo flights.  Matt flew a couple more flights with Steve, and then Steve gave a ride to his friend Larry.
There was some lift out there today, but it was also a pleasant day to be out flying.  Frank and Dave Ott did the towing today.  Have a great 4th of July!