A another great October day – flying and barbeque – what more could you want.  When I arrived the L-23, L-33, and two Russias were being readied for takeoff.  Winds were moderate out of the north so it was a 31 operation with little forecast lift due to a strong temperature inversion.  The tent was set up with several extra tables and lots of chairs.   Food was collecting on the tables for coming potluck.  We also had the OSC flags flying.   We looked like a happening event.  We also had a good crowd with Mike and Marge Boska, Jim and Nina Clark, Jim’s daughter, granddaughter, and son in law, Bob Dyer and his wife, Paul Jelinek and his wife, Jay Buchanan, Tom Schaap, Whit Bonifant, Dan Peterson, and myself.  I apologize if I missed anyone.


Dan Peterson and Mike Boska were the first up in the L-23 with Whit providing the tow.   The gentleman from Keiwit aviation program was next up in the L-23 with Whit.   Keiwit is planning to send several of their pilots to the club to get glider training.  Dan Peterson took up a young man for an introductory flight in the L-23.  Jim was next up in the L-33 followed by Whit and the Keiwit flight #2.  Jay Buchanan fired up the grill and started cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.  We started eating and all enjoyed a great meal. Flying continued with Mike Boska up in his Russia, Bob Dyer and his wife in the L-23, Jay Buchanan in his Russia, Whit  and Keiwit flight #3 in the L-23, Jim Clark and son-in-law in the L-23, and finally Tom Schaap in the L-23 for the hanger flight.


Many thanks to all who helped set up the barbeque and Whit and Dan for towing.  Everyone had a good time and I hope this becomes a regular event for the club.


Bob Craig