Steve, Bob, and John relax after in the Club Office/Lounge

Steve, Bob, and John relaxing in the Club Office/Lounge after Saturday’s flight ops.

Hi All,
We flew nine flights today, on what was a hot and hazy day.  There was a light but steady breeze blowing, which helped make it a little more comfortable under the canopy.  We started flying at 10:00AM and ended earlier than normal, at 2:30PM.  We had a family from Houston visit today.  They’re in town for the College World Series; they bought a ride for their dad.  On a good day, the stadium can be identified from the air, but not today – it was too hazy, such that it was hard to see the First National Bank or Woodmen towers in downtown Omaha. 
Flights started with Steve R taking up someone who’d received a Gift Certificate last Christmas.  Next was John H, who flew a solo flight.  Bob C took the Houston dad for his paid ride.  I followed that with a solo flight.  Jaime A was out today, and he flew with John riding along.  Jeff F flew two pattern tows with Steve, and a third with Bob C.  Jeff and Bob finished the day with a tow to 3,000′ to practice boxing the wake.  They made an attempt at thermaling, but the pockets of lift were too inconsistent.  Frank did all the towing.
Of note was that the newly completed Club office/lounge was used yesterday while the logbooks were updated.  It’s much nicer than using the tailgate on someone’s pickup!  Bottles of ice-cold water were served from the refrigerator (donated by Steve) while the logbooks were updated, and while we discussed the merits of a Schweizer 1-23.  It is also nice to note that while Frank was fueling the Pawnee, the pilot of a Bonanza told Frank that what OSCI is doing with our club office/lounge is impressive.  That’s really nice to hear that other people are noticing the improvements we’re making.      
Thanks all.