Hello, all:

There’s not much to report today.  We started flight operations at 9am with nine Civil Air Patrol – Cadet Glider Orientation flights.  There were five Cadets signed up, and all five flew at least once.    The last of the Cadets had motion sickness and chose not to fly a second time.  Still, it was a good morning.  Dan P helped fly the Cadets, and it was good to see Dan out giving rides.

Club operations started just before noon.  As predicted, there were thunderstorms in the area.  We only completed five sorties before we decided to put everything away.  The last sortie landed a little after 1:30pm.  We waited in the Club Room for a while, to see if the storms would pass, but after the first line of storms fell apart, weather radar showed a second line of storms approaching that looked more intense.

The five sorties were:

  • Eric H flew two twenty-minute sorties to 4,300’ MSL in the L-23 with Steve R along.
  • Eric H flew a rope break with Steve along.
  • Eric H flew a pattern tow with Steve along.
  • Tom S flew a pattern tow with Steve along.

That was it for the day.

Frank M towed the first eleven sorties and Dave O towed the last two.

Thanks all for another safe day of soaring!