A busy day today, total of 12 flights and the hangar flight was Larry Morgan earning his “B” badge for a 45 minute flight after release and he soared past it with a total 57 minute flight (pun intended). Congratulations Larry!  We started the day with Bob Craig doing 3 flights with Jaime for his BFR. Next up was Bob C. with a gift certificate ride with Paul following with another GC ride.   Steve S. took the L33 for a flight. Bob C. then took up Travis for his first FAST flight. Jaime followed with a friend from church that won the auction. David L. went up with Bob for a check ride followed by Bob A. with a nice 33 minute solo and could have been up much longer but he didn’t want to take all the lift from Larry’s attempt to follow. Larry then did his badge flight.  A great day to be out having fun. A 1:00 start tomorrow for those that can make it.