Hi All,
It was another quiet weekday with only seven sorties flown:
  • Steve R took Ryan M up for a flight lesson.  Ryan has begun practicing the maneuvers required for his Private Pilot – Glider Certificate flight exam later this summer.  Steve does a very good job of preparing his students for both the oral and the flight exam.
  • Steve took Will M up for a flight lesson.
  • Jaime A was out today and flew twice with Steve.
  • Steve took a friend of Sean S’s up for a flight.  Rumor has that Sean’s friend, an accomplished power pilot, may join our club to explore motorless flight.
  • Ryan and Will for one each then Jaime for two.
  • Beth C flew a flight lesson with Steve.
  • Ryan flew a second flight lesson with Steve to end the day.

Frank towed for us today.

Thanks all for another safe day of soaring.

Tom S.