What a great day to start the season! Started off at 9:30 and had 16 flights completed by noon and all gone by 12:30. Was able to launch on 31 and land back on 13 which helped to speed things up as well as many pattern tows and rope breaks. Jamie started it off with 3 flights to get current, safety flight and flight review with Dan as the check pilot. Jamie stayed in the rear seat and gave Paul J. his 2016 safety flight. Dan and Whit flew the next 6 flights for currency, safety flight and a CAP qualification flight with Dan and Whit swapping seats after 3 flights. Dan then flew with Tom S. for his safety flight and Whit then flew with Mike B. and Steve S. for their safety flights. Dan then flew 3 flights with Jay B. for his currency, safety and review.

Tows pilots were Whit, Dan and Paul. Looking forward to the next soaring day.