Submitted by Bob Craig:

I had to work till 1230, so I didn’t get out until 130pm.  The sounding looked good up to 8000ft ( -3 lifted index) but clouds were predicted at 6000ft and this verified very well.  The operation was in full swing with Anders Backlund, Whitt Bonifant, Allen Short, Pat Greenwood, Jim Clark, Perry Mitchell, and several visitors.  The first flight flown by Anders solo in the L-23 was off at 1233pm.  Allen Short then took the next two flights solo in the L-23 to get current.  Whitt started out towing.  Pat Greenwood and Whitt went up on instructional flight next  with Allen towing.  Perry Mitchell launched next in his Russia.  Jim Clark had several guests on the field and took up is son’s girlfriend first.   There was good lift so the L-23 flights were averaging about 25 minutes.  I launched next in my Russia and headed for Fremont getting west of the airport in about 40 minutes and then returning.   Cloud bases were at 6000ft.  The lowest I got was 4200MSL over Fremont before connecting with a good thermal and getting back to 5500ft.  While I was up, Jim Clark took up his son and then wife on the next two L-23 flights.   Bob Dyer then took up a friend of Perry Mitchell for a ride.  John Fitzsimons went up with Whitt on his second FAST kit flight.  Perry landed after a one hour and 11 minute flight in the Russia and Bob Dyer went up next in the Russia.  I flew with Bob a for a short while before heading  in for landing after flying two hours and 14 minutes.  Allen Short took the final flight in the L-23 giving a ride to his girlfriend Nikki.  He landed at 1740pm.  We had everything away and I left the field at 630pm.

Another great soaring day.