Even though the winds were forecast to be fairly strong out of the Northwest, the sounding still indicated the possibility of thermals up to 5000ft.  Whitt Bonifant, Steve Stevens, Tom Schaap, Paul Jelinek, and Mike Boska were already there with the L-23, tow plane, and Mike’s Russia already staged for 31 operations.  Paul and I then got the L-33 out and my Russia.  Steve was the first one up in the L-23 finding a lot of bumps.  Paul was next up in the L-33 followed by me in the Russia.  We both found workable lift up to 4500ft and soared for 46 minutes.  Mike was next up in his Russia but found little lift by this point and was down in short order.  Tom was last up in the L-23 being towed by Steve.  Steve noticed a hawk rise up in front of the towplane, pass over the Pawnee and then approach Tom with claws extended.  Where is a GO Pro when it.  Tom was the hanger flight soaring for 28 minutes.   Great late October day for flying.

Submitted by Bob Craig