The first flying day of the year went off without a hitch. Jaime Alexander towed all but one flight and Whitt Bonifant did all the instructing since he was able to get current. Whitt took the first three flights to get current. He then went up with Jim Clark for a safety flight. Jim then took the L-33 for its first flight at Blair airport. All went well and Jim was all smiles exiting the plane. Next Whitt went up with Tom Schaaf and then with Don Meyer. Bert Aagesen was next up in the L-33 and he was very happy with its flight characteristics. Whitt and Anders were next up for a safety flight followed by Whitt and Mike Boska for safety flight, the last flight of the day.

With temperatures around fifty and some sun shine, it was almost pleasant. Winds were generally straight across the runway but speeds were manageable. Lets hope for more days like this to break the winter doldrums.

Bob Craig