This was one of the busiest days we have had in some time.  We had 5 gliders down at the north end of the runway.   Dan Peterson started the flying with a safety flight from Whitt followed by  two extra flights to get current.   Dan also took his first flight in the L-33, towed 9 flights, and flew with Tom Schaff for one of his two instruction flights.  Tom also flew with Jaime Alexander for his other instruction flight.   Jaime also made 3 tows.   Bob Arant flew with Daryl Hickman and Daryl later flew his Schwiezer 1-35 for the longest flight of the day – 31 minutes.  Steve Stevens also took his first flight in the L-33 and made one tow.    Whitt Bonifant flew the tow plane for four tows and then flew with Stephen Davis on an instruction flight.  Whitt also took up a friend of his for a ride in the L-23.  Jim Clark flew the L-33 and Don Meyer flew the L-23 solo.  Jay Buchanan and I flew our Russia to get it back in the air after its annual inspection with Trea (Skyworks) last Monday – the annual was reasonably priced by the way.  Mike Boska also flew his Russia.


After it was said and done we had 17 flights.  There was some weak lift but it was well capped at 3000ft AGL.


Bob Craig